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What FIFYH offers our clients
 Secure Shopping on MOPTILES
Security is always the top priority on We keep all the information seriously in protecting your personal data. All the transaction data are in good condition with VeriSign's protection. We will never transfer your info the a third part.
   Friendly Shopping Experience
Moptiles listed detailed descriptions and photos on our website. We try our best to let clients know the physical products by photos. We also provide designers' works for free to clients for reference. Every time when clients have questions, feel free to contact us via emails or live chat.
 Good Packaging
We have professional workers to do the packaging. We try our best to do zero broken during long transportations. No matter glass tiles, shell tiles, mother of pearl tiles, stainless steel faucets, wallpapers, we will do the good packaing to ensure the products are in good condition.
   Fast Delivery all over the world
DHL, Fedex, and UPS will be the first chosen for ship all orders. It usually takes 3-4 days for delivery. We ship all over the world ! However, for wholesale orders, we may ship the products by sea. The shipping time will depend on different shipping lines to different countries.
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